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Social Sciences University of Ankara’s (ASBU) Faculty of Political Science has been established with the aim of becoming a research faculty that produces, rather than solely disseminates, knowledge that will have an impact on social, political, economic, administrative and international areas.


In accordance with its institutional philosophy, our Faculty takes advantage of being a new institution, focusing on the quality, originality and value of teaching and research, moving away from traditional and established understandings and practices that are generally still adhered to despite their limited contribution.


Within this framework, our Faculty aims to produce high quality and original knowledge that contributes to a holistic understanding of contemporary issues and resolving problems, at local as well as global levels, in Turkey as well as in different parts of the world, in the areas of Economics, Business Studies, Political Science and Public Administration and International Relations. Our Faculty also strives to generate students with a strong command and understanding of current problems and disputes in Turkey and the world, who are also well connected with a wide range of local and international networks.


Consequently, our Faculty regards enrolled students as active contributors to learning and teaching processes. In this context, students are not passive recipients of lectures and reproducers of knowledge in exams, but engaged actors, who actively take part in projects and in research processes. Therefore, our aim is to equip graduating students with advanced skills to acquire, to evaluate, and to interpret knowledge, after assessing it analytically and critically. 


Social Sciences University of Ankara’s Faculty of Political Science consists of four Departments that reflect our international orientation, multi-disciplinary and research-intensive character and entrepreneurship. The language of instruction is English. In addition to English, our students are encouraged to learn a second language. The expertise and experience of our University in foreign languages, provides our students with a competitive advantage in international exchange programmes.


Our Faculty aims to raise graduates who will be successful in an international competitive environment and a globalised world economy, with the ability to integrate and adapt to a rapidly changing world, while also being sensitive to local problems.  We aspire for students to acquire a critical, analytical and intellectual perspective, equipped with universal scientific instruments, and critical intellectual faculties.


In an era of globalisation, where international competition has intensified in all possible arenas, societies can only prevail if they are competent in a diverse range of knowledge. Our Faculty not only seeks to study and address pertinent social, economic and political problems, but also, in line with the mid- and long-term goals of the University,  proceeds to investigate different paths for improvements in society, economy and administrative mechanisms and for acquiring excellence in teaching.

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